Celebrate Hawthorn Berry Season this Fall! September 22 2015

 In honor of the hawthorn berry harvest season I am offering a discount on SimpliciTEA, my hawthorn tea blend.  I am offering 15% off of all orders of SimpliciTEA placed online before November 1st. Simply click here and enter the sale code HAWTHORN15 when you checkout to receive this offer.

Hawthorn tea is my most favorite of all my teas. Hawthorn leaf and flower are harvested in the Spring and then the berries are picked in the Fall. Then I grind the berries into powder and mix all the parts together to create what I call SimpliciTEA, simply a great hawthorn experience!

Learn more about the healing properties of this awesome herbal medicine in my recent blog post, Hawthorn~ Healer of the Heart
Have a Berry Happy Hawthorn Season!!