About Us

Feel Good, Drink Tea!

Heather Luna Keasbey, CH, CN, CMT is the founder and head herbalist of Nevada City Herb & Tea Co. She is a practicing herbalist and nutritionist with over 12 years experience. Her foundation includes Western medical herbalism, whole food nutrition, massage, and Vitalist Medicine.  Heather has been mixing herbal tea blends for decades, and the blends she has available today have been fine tuned over the years for her clients. This has produced amazing tasting tea blends with all the medicinal benefits of herbs. These fine herbal teas are based on the practical experience of effective herbalism. We invite you to put the kettle on and brew a cup of good health!  Enjoy our herbal blends! 


Hand Crafted Herbal Teas

Delicious Tasting, Caffeine Free

Medicinal Plant Benefits

Rich Nutrient Content


A Local Business for Sustainable Herbalism

It is our mission is to support the use of botanical medicine in our daily lives, and do so in a way that supports organic farming, ethical business practices and sustainable economy and resources. In providing exquisite medicinal herbal teas and bulk herbs to the community, we also provide a commitment to outstanding quality of plant material.  There is an ever changing market towards local economy, farming, and food. It is our goal to include botanical medicine as part of the local food, local economy movement. Quality is best preserved in reducing long term storage and travel. Currently, over 75% of our product comes from US Organic farmers within 8 hours drive of our facility. Whether wild-crafted or organically grown, our ingredients are fresh and minimally processed in small batches. All our packaging is recyclable and is manufactured in the USA.  In fulfilling our mission we invite you to take a moment to relax with a cup of herbal tea. It can change the world.

Our herbal teas are made using only the highest quality Certified Organic or Sustainably Wildcrafted medicinal herbs to meet both the high nutrient demands of your body and the delicate palate of your taste buds.


Good Medicine that Tastes Good

A cup of tea is more than something warm and tasty. It is the foundation on which all ‘medicine’ comes from. Good tea starts with the smell. This fragrance stimulates cranial nerves in the brain directly effecting mood and energy levels in the body. Then there is the taste. Flavor plays a key factor in awakening the senses and moving energy through the body. Finally the herbed waters reach your belly and good tea is all about how it makes you feel. We could call herbal tea ‘the oldest vitamin supplement on Earth’. Drink herbal tea to promote health, ease ailments, and feel good.

Our tea blends are the result of carefully formulated herbal remedies used in clinical practice.  Certified Clinical Herbalist, Heather Luna Keasbey, created herbal infusion formulas for her clients over the past two decades. She developed a series of effective herbal remedies that became the recipes for the tea blends we create today.

Herbal infusions are strongly brewed herbs in water. The preparation for a true Herbal Infusion is to steep a large amount of herb in 4-8 times its volume of water for about four to eight hours. It can be done using hot or cold water depending on therapeutic strategy.  What we call an Herbal Tea is a milder version of this. Tea is often an herb, the Tea plant itself, or a blend of herbs that are quickly dipped in hot water (up to 3 minutes) to create fast color and flavor. The medicinal effects of the average tea made in this way is practically homeopathic compared to the active constituent volume and nutritional components found in a traditional infusion. Even still, average tea is often soothing and delicious.

However much herb used or however long it is steeped, quality of dried plant material is extremely important. The word ‘Drug’ comes from the Latin word ‘Droog’, which means ‘dried plant’. How a plant is harvested, processed (ie: cut, stripped, peeled, etc.), dried and stored makes a huge difference in color, fragrance, medicinal quality, and taste. Which is why you will taste the difference with our herbal teas. We source only the highest quality herbs and ingredients. We are not afraid to refuse shipments of herbs that do not meet our standard of quality. It is these amazing quality of herbs that make our teas so enjoyable. Our teas are meticulously crafted to please your taste buds and nourish your body, while promoting a sense of calm and peace.


Quality Control

We source only Certified Organic or Sustainably Wildcrafted herbs and ingredients.

Our herbs are stored in air tight containers in a temperature controlled facility. Herbs and tea blends are not packaged until an order is placed, to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products. 

All of our teas have a lot number and a "best by" date as a way to track when your teas were made and how long they will be fresh for. All of the herbs we carry are usable past their "best by" date, but they will have lost some quality over time and thus they will start to lose some of their potency.



  • We are a woman owned small business.
  • Over 75% of our herbs come from US organic farms within 1000 miles of our facility. 
  • All of our herbs are Organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted.
  • Our tins are made of US recycled steel.
  • All of our labels are printed by a small, local printer in Nevada City.
  • We support other small and local businesses.
  • All packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • GMO free ingredients